1. Episode 31: See you on the Island!

    It’s Episode 31 of Matt and Ryan Get Board. On this episode we head to the Island, the Fireball Island that is! This game got a lot of request and we are finally playing it. Matt and Ryan LOVED this game. Matt brings up Forbidded Bridge and Torando Rex. Ryan brings up Indiana Jones and wonders where everyone got those sarfari hats? We also learn about the creator of this game and how he disappeared from the board game scene for awhile befoe coming back with a ame that was not very good. Matt relates him to Vince Russo. We’ve got Calling on Dream, Matt and Ryan Get Old, Aladdin on sega and a Century 3 mall update!


  2. Episode 30: The Twilight Saga, New Moon, The Movie, The Board Game, The Cereal.

    We’ve made it to 30 Episodes! On Episode 30 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host find themselves in the Twilight universe. Matt and Ryan decided that since we are in the month of October we need some Halloween themed games. Sadly this game is not fun or scary. Listen in as Matt and Ryan discuss how much they know about the Twilight films. Their favorite vampire films, Count Chocula, and how bad they are at Twilight trivia.


  3. Episode 29: Get Geeked Out

    On Episode 29 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host decide to switch things up and add in some new segments. This weeks episode features new segments like Calling on DreamPhone where Matt and Ryan talk about games they wished they owned. We have a new segment called Matt and Ryan Get Old where we talk about trying to learn new games or youutube videos at the age of 30 and Are you shitting me?!? A segment where we write up three ideas for board games. One is real two are fake. Can you guess?

    We play the game Geek Out! Which is a trivia game of one-upmanship. Listen in as we explain our knowledge of the Pam Anderson hit film Barb Wire, Ryan name drops Black Knight and a Kid in King Arthur’s Court and Matt talks about old anti-drug PSA’s.


  4. Episode 28: Guess Who Sucks?

    It’s Episode 28 of Matt and Ryan Get Board! This is a special traveling episode of Matt and Ryan since we had to record while on our way to see Knights of the Arcade LIVE! Matt and Ryan played a quick game of Guess Who? and wonder was this another lazy game designer creation? Who are these guys missing their deadlines for game development? Matt and Ryan discuss what would make a better game and new characters they would add. Is it possible that these photos are all bad actor head shots? We also talk barcades, running into cops while recording a podcast and how unfun this game was.

    PS. We LOVED the live Knight of the Arcade show. Go check it out sometime.


  5. Episode 27: Don’t let anyone Settle your Catan (w/ Alex Stypula)

    On Episode 27, Matt and Ryan welcome back Alex Stypula to the show. You might remember him as our very first guest on this podcast. Well, he’s also a very hilarious comedian and a fan of board games. This time Alex jons Matt & Ryan for Settlers of Catan Dice Game. We were a little too timid when it came to the full board game so we just went with the dice game for now. On this episode we are of course all over the place with our topics. This episode features, difficulties with games that take over 5 years to play. Animal privates, artwork for games and pinball machines, Revolution X arcade game and how dumb it was, how this game features no battles only building and Italian Village Pizza.


  6. Episode 26: Shannon Norman is not a fan of Jeff Buckley

    It’s Episode 26 of Matt and Ryan Get Board! We welcome the very funny Shannon Norman back to the show for a second time. Last time we had Shannon on the show he supplied the awful game of Titanic. This time we return the favor with a worse game Rodney Dangerfield’s No Respect. Yep, Rodney had his own game and it has NOTHING to do with him. In this episode we talk about the first time we saw the film Caddy Shack. Is there a right time on a date to say that you like wrestling? How much would it cost to get your face on a board game? And did Rodney Dangerfield ever play this game?


  7. Episode 25: Ready Boss Monster

    It’s Episode 25 of Matt and Ryan Get Board! On this episode our two host find themselves as not the hero of a dungeon level, but as the Boss Monster. This week we play the card game Boss Monster! Our conversation brings us into the world of 8-bit gaming thanks to the artwork seen throughout the game. Matt and Ryan discuss rage quit games, favorite 8-bit games, Ryan tells the tale of wasting a Christmas present on Moon Shoes and Matt tells the tale of getting electronic football. Matt and Ryan realize that they aren’t very good at card games like this and need some more practice. We also discuss the game Retro City Rampage and the dark side to Bill & Ted.


  8. Episode 24: Soup with Chopsticks

    In Episode 24 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host are still in the Clue universe, this time on VHS! We play the VCR version of Clue and learn that dinner theater actors got a good gig going here. We discuss this HOUR long video that comes with the game and how not much happens, there are no murders. That’s right, no murder sin this game of Clue. We learn that this was a very popular game that even got squeal! We discuss how all of the weapons are seen in plain site and no one seems to have a problem with it. We also notice that we are terrible note takers when it comes to a VHS game. Producers note, please excuse our guest this week Ryan’s daughter. She was a little cranky and needed a nap. We’ve all been there!


  9. Episode 23: Gloppy is The WORST!

    Hello friends! Matt and Ryan are back and take a trip to Candy Land where we played the VCR version. Yes, they made a VCR game of Candy Land. The game is very simple as it states that it’s only for ages 3-6. Hear what happens when two 30 year old’s decide to play it! We get into a discussion about the character Gloppy and if he will ever get his life together. Other topics include, the story of Chilly Tee and The Noid! Planet Fitness, Is Candy Land really a game? What happened to the animation in this video? Childrens Palace Video Toy Chest, Candy Land is a very dark place and would you just get it together Gloppy?!?!


  10. Episode 22: Matt and Ryan Get A CLUE

    On Episode 22 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host try and solve a murder as well as figure out how Tim Curry remembered all of his lines. This week we watch the board game film CLUE. Probably the best board game movie, actually it is the BEST board game movie! We both really enjoyed this film. In this episode we talk about our early history of the film and how this was our first time viewing it. We also discuss our history with the board game and how many versions have been released. We discuss our favorite jokes in this film such as Christopher Lloyd saying his car was frightened or jokes about communism. We give Tim Curry two thumbs up for his role and discuss another film of his the Rocky Horror Picture show which Matt and Ryan saw live and have a funny story to share about their adventure.