1. Episode 23: Gloppy is The WORST!

    Hello friends! Matt and Ryan are back and take a trip to Candy Land where we played the VCR version. Yes, they made a VCR game of Candy Land. The game is very simple as it states that it’s only for ages 3-6. Hear what happens when two 30 year old’s decide to play it! We get into a discussion about the character Gloppy and if he will ever get his life together. Other topics include, the story of Chilly Tee and The Noid! Planet Fitness, Is Candy Land really a game? What happened to the animation in this video? Childrens Palace Video Toy Chest, Candy Land is a very dark place and would you just get it together Gloppy?!?!


  2. Episode 22: Matt and Ryan Get A CLUE

    On Episode 22 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host try and solve a murder as well as figure out how Tim Curry remembered all of his lines. This week we watch the board game film CLUE. Probably the best board game movie, actually it is the BEST board game movie! We both really enjoyed this film. In this episode we talk about our early history of the film and how this was our first time viewing it. We also discuss our history with the board game and how many versions have been released. We discuss our favorite jokes in this film such as Christopher Lloyd saying his car was frightened or jokes about communism. We give Tim Curry two thumbs up for his role and discuss another film of his the Rocky Horror Picture show which Matt and Ryan saw live and have a funny story to share about their adventure.


  3. Episode 21: Roll on Dungeon Lords

    On this episode of Matt and Ryan Get Board, our two host find themselves playing another indie game and of course they loved it! This week we play the game Dungeon Roll, a dice adventure game that pits you and your team against skeletons, dragons and goblins. In this episode we discuss the rules and how to play the game, we get a creators perspective thanks to game designer Chris Darden for answering our questions! We also discuss dinner theater with Medieval Times, our love for Jim Henson, can you go back to Middle Earth after seeing Game of Thrones and what was the first tv/film dragon you remember? Grab your 20 sided die and prepare for battle!


  4. Episode 20: Death to Skippy (w/ Missy Moreno)

    Matt and Ryan have made it to Episode 20 and we’ve brought our friend Missy Moreno along for the ride! Missy is the guest this week and she also supplied the game. We played Family Ties the Board Game! Things we learned from this game, everybody hates Skippy! The Keatons are not the nicest family when it comes to dealing with their pesky neighbor kid Skippy especially when they try to take a family portrait. Of course Matt and Ryan take a few left turns, we discuss topics such as KMart and the clothing lines they supply. Want to dress like Adam Levine? Well then Kmart is the place for you! We discuss which 90 sitcoms should be turned into board games, Missy talks about muscials she would like to create and her feelings on the Skippy character. We also talk about annoying recurring characters on sitcoms.


  5. Episode 19: South of the Border

    On Episode 19 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host play the indie card game Adios Amigos! During this episode we talk about everyone’s favorite roadside attraction South of the Border! Is it a resturant? Is it a theme park? Is it a mall? What exactly is that place? Other topics include, Why does America love to make theme parks based on other countries? The BraveStarr cartoon show, early western films you saw and if you still enjoy the genre. Ryan tells the tale of sneaking into an abandoned theme park called Splendid China and also has a story about a file cabinet he found there. We love this game so it gets a great review from us! Check it out along with King of Tokyo!


  6. Episode 18: Showheads (w/ Dustin Dowling & Sereny Welsby)

    We’re up to 18 episodes of Matt and Ryan Get Board! On this week show we are joined by Dustin Dowling and Sereny Welsby! Two local comedians/filmmakers who produce the internet talk show The Party Show. We play the tabletop attack die game Screaming Eagles, I’m using the term play loosely here becasue we weren’t fans of it. Listen in as we try and figure out just how the hell do you play this game? We bring up topics such as Top Gun, crazy kid toy commercials that did not match reality, board games that have very indepth and boring rules and video games that got turned into board games. This episode takes a big left turn when Matt and Ryan share with Dustin their knowledge of local filmmaker Jared Show’s work. Look for us to start the Jared Show fan club very soon!


  7. Episode 17: Better than Battle of the Sexes (w/ Chris Fafalios)

    On Episode 17 of Matt and Ryan Get Board we are finally joined by another guest! This week we welcome Chris Fafalios bass player from Punchline! Chris suggested the game this week and we play the great party game Scattergories. We dive into a bunch of different topics in here as we try and figure out what can make a great board game film, Chris reveals that one of his family members actually created a game that was sold in stores so you know thats legit! Once again the Century 3 mall comes into the conversation and we talk about collecting old baseball cards and if anyone ever tried the gum that came with those packs. Chris reveals some of his favorite and least favorite board games and we try and figure out why did everything that was on TV have to be turned into a game. (Producers note: the last 2 min of this convo got cut off, forgiveness please! All we missed was Chris signing off as well as his quick plugs. You can find him on twitter @chrisfafalios and be on the look out for his new book that he is finishing shortly!)


  8. Episode 16: The Chicken Burrito Incident

    On Episode 16 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host decide to switch things up and go to the movies! This week we saw the film Battleship, yes based off of the board game. If you’re wondering why we don’t live in a world filled with board game films, well this might be Exhibit A. Ryan’s one word review was “Ughhhhhh” especially when he found out that the first 20 minutes of the plot is devoted to a chicken burrito. Once again hollywood tries to get Matt to fall in love with Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) again, but it doesn’t work out so well this time. We are also introduced to the acting debut of Rihanna, who seems to be really angry either by the plot or the lines she is given to say. We discuss how little of screen time Liam Neeson had and how the aliens are very similar looking to Transformers. We talk about how this is basically one big love letter to the military filled with cyborg men, AC/DC filled montages and old Vets coming to save the day.


  9. Episode 15: Don’t wait for Ogre

    On Episode 15 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host play a game that involves cable TV. Yes, it even said that on the box, you must have cable! We play the game Channel Surfing, a game made by Milton Bradley that asks you to surf channels until you find certain items. In this episode Ryan tells tales of the days when he did not have cable as a kid and his fear of missing out on great TV shows. We discuss our favorite opening credits to TV shows and Matt talks about being excited when he saw scenes from the Perfect Strangers intro in person. Ryan points out that this is another game that can be played by one player and we discuss how Totino’s Pizza is not meant for a party. Reminder you can find us on Twitter here: @GetBoard On Facebook here: Matt and Ryan Get Board


  10. Episode 14: The Danger Zone (w/ Ryan Thompson)

    In Episode 14 of Matt and Ryan Get Board our two host let their inner Lisa Frank shine as they play Herd Your Horses. We welcome special guest comedian Ryan Thompson to show and he gives us his opinions on horses and how they aren’t as great as some people make them out to be. Topics we discuss during this episode include, having that one kid in your class who loved horses, the social media team behind Totino’s Pizza and how Ryan’s wife doesn’t remember getting this game as a gift or even playing it. We also try and answer questions like are horses just as terrible as dolphins? How sad is it that this game has a one player feature? Who are all these horse games being marketed too? Saddle up for this one, the game is a dud but the conversation was great.